The Alchemy of Sales


Pseudoscience focused on the attempt to change base metals into gold.

Ancient alchemists believed that, under the correct astrological conditions, lead could be “perfected” into gold. They tried to hasten this transformation by heating and refining the metal in a variety of chemical processes, most of which were kept secret.

實在很喜歡錬金術師這個名詞, 更喜歡"鋼之錬金術師"這套卡通...雖然用上"銷售之錬金術師"或"The Alchemy of Sales" 這個名稱,委實沒有從中想尋找出銷售過程中的錬金術的意思,只是因為工作性質及覺得這個名詞很”pro”,才有這樣的組合吧....